CLC Leadership Team

The leadership team at Connection Life Church is made up of experienced ministry leaders from many different church backgrounds. We truly believe that God has been preparing this team of leaders long before they came together and for just this very season. Each bring to our church unique and amazing qualities and have years of ministry experience and training.

Kevin & Kristie Truett | Lead Pastors

Pastor Kevin & Kristie have been married for 15 years and have 3 children: Kameron (15), Keilani (12) and Kennidee (6). They began their marriage already in full-time ministry and have been building the Kingdom together ever since. As youth pastors they served in Eastern Washington while travelling to minister and train other youth leaders and church leaders around the country.  They would later launch a new church in Des Moines, IA – City Life Worship Center now covered by COGOP.

In 2009, God would speak to them to plant another new church in Salem, OR and with the help of family and the IOU COGOP Region, Connection Life Church was born.  God uses both Kevin & Kristie in unique and powerful ways and together they serve as lead pastors here at CLC with a passion to connect upward, inward & outward.

Kevin Truett | Men’s Ministry

Pastor Kevin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived most of his childhood years in the state of California. He has served in ministry for nearly 20 years and counts it a privilege to continue serving here at Connection Life Church. Pastor Kevin is passionate about leadership development, excellence and giving God our very best.


  • Book:  Bible – It’s so full of stuff I need!
  • Scripture:   Prov. 16:1-3
  • Food:  Chimichangas & Baja style tacos
  • Color:  Blues & Browns
  • Activity:  Golf & Hangin’ with the fam!  Not necessarily in that order.  (:
  • Quote:  “To have something you’ve never had before, you must first do something you’ve never done before.”
  • Movie:  Uh… Three Amigos?
  • Liquid:  My wife’s Iced Tea!!!  Mmmm… refreshing

Kristie Truett | Women’s Ministry

Kristie was born in San Antonio, Texas and is absolutely loyal to her Dallas Cowboys! That aside, she is an anointed teacher and loves working with the women here at CLC.


  • Book:  Bible – Inspiring, Uplifting & Vital, Battlefield of the Mind & The Shack
  • Scripture:  2 Tim. 1:7
  • Food:  Breakfast – I love breakfast
  • Color:  Black & White
  • Activity:  Shopping & Volleyball
  • Quote:  “Go ahead, make my day!”
  • Movie:  The Notebook
  • Liquid:  Iced Tea

Randy & Michaelle Cearley | Youth Ministry

Pastor Randy & Michaelle Cearley are the newest members of the CLC staff and have relocated here from Richland, WA. They were part of Pastor Kevin & Kristie’s youth group as teens and trained and served as part of their youth staff for many years. They would later serve as the youth pastors of their former church and are now pleased to be reunited with the Truetts serving as the Youth Pastors here at CLC.


  • Book:  I’m not really a “book” reader. I know I should be but I’d rather watch the movie.
  • Scripture:  Luke 9:57-10:2
  • Food: Beef it’s whats for dinner
  • Color: Blue, Crimson, Grey
  • Activity: Football, baseball, basketball, volleyball. Really anything that includes a ball. Can’t you tell
  • Quote: Are You Fit for the Kingdom-John Bevere
  • Movie: There are so many good movies, I would have to say Lord Of The Rings or maybe Gladiator or maybe SWAT. Like I said I’d RATHER WATCH THE MOVIE.
  • Liquid: Mountain Dew

Michaelle Cearley | Children’s Ministry

Michaelle has served in ministry for more than a decade and comes to us with incredible experience with children. She along with her husband Randy trained under Pastor Kevin & Kristie for many years and we now count it a privilege to have them with us at CLC. If you have children, they’ll love KIDNECT!


  • Book: Ephesians (its a book in the bible)
  • Scripture: Phillippians 4:6-7
  • Food:  I love sushi, thai, mexican, and bbq, italian, and ooh I love chocoalate too! I think its safe to say I just love food :)
  • Color: I love the green and blue family
  • Activity: Anything outdoorsy-hiking, camping, picking flowers, bike riding…
  • Quote: “The shadow proves the sunshine” -the tough times aren’t easy but they always reveal God’s power and love for us.
  • Movie: NACHOOOOOO (Nacho Libre) seriously the funniest movie ever-I promise if you hangout with me enough, you will hear me quote it at least a dozen times- “it’s the best!” (see that right there, quote from the movie!)
  • Liquid: Coffee

Maria Truett | Senior Ministry, Hospitality

Maria has extensive ministry experience serving full time with her late husband, Dr. J.D. Truett.  Together they served all over the country as pastors, teachers and mentors.  Maria is an ordained minister and serves as our Seniors Ministry pastor as well as First Impressions.


  • BookThe Bible.  
  • Scripture:  Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 3:5-6, John 3:16…oops I have more…..
  • FoodPoi, Lomi-Lomi Salmon, Kahlua Pig, Hot Rice…mmm…where’s the closest L & L?
  • ColorBlue
  • ActivitySpending time with family and friends.
  • QuoteOne my husband always told the family, “Don’t stress over things that are out of your control.”
  • Movie“While You Were Sleeping”
  • LiquidIce cold or hot water with some lemon juice.


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